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Custom Engraved Concrete:

Introduction to

The Alaskan Woods

Alaskan Woods, LLC. is a Marine Veteran owned and operated design company.  Specializing in Art, Design and reproduction on physical mediums.  It is the goal to create a recognizable image to enhance your business or individual looks, and our community.  

Black and white art is my personal favorite; rooted in pencil sketches and tattoo designs.  My logos are ever-evolving and  represent the roots I'm building in the state + growth of my family. 

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What sets us apart

Logos and Branding

All branding design work is created using vectors.  This means there will be no pixelation or distortion, whether you want to post your design online or on the side of the building it will be perfectly crisp.  

Custom design

All elements are focused on your particular wants.  Each piece is personally designed and computer rendered for easy manipulation and duplication.  

Individual attention

Focused on local individuals and businesses, my designs are specific to Alaskan's needs.  My goal is to create recognizable brands to emphasize your business.  

Already have a design? 
Do you want help Reproducing?

Offering individual and personalized Items via Laser engraving and vinyls.  

Permanent and removable Vinyl decals, custom stickers, etc. 

Many options available, everything I produce is made by hand with care.  If there is something you're interested in, but don't know where to begin or don't see the offering on my site feel free to send an inquiry to discuss options.



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